The Original Doolin Ferry Company

We are the original ‘Doolin Ferries’ founded in 1970 by Bill O’Brien. In the past 45 years the ferries and boat tours from Doolin have undergone some major transformations.

Liam and Erin O'BrienLiam O’Brien and wife Erin O’Brien

Cliffs of Moher Cruises 2017

We have been sailing to the Cliffs of Moher since 2007. This exciting and new addition to our ferry service complements the Aran Island trips we have on offer. This June saw the completion of a brand new Pier in Doolin that will again transform our business. We have sailed with the tide for 45 years and now with the New Pier complete our sailings can be regular on a daily schedule (no longer tide dependent).

Why Sail with Us

The Doolin Ferry Company operates the Largest and Most Comfortable ferries from Doolin to the Aran Islands and Cliffs of Moher. With 45 YEARS of sailing this makes us the longest running operators of ferries to the Aran Islands. Our ferries are in the European Class 2A which is the highest safety rating given to domestic passenger ships in Ireland. Some boats in Doolin are built of G.R.P (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and are awarded a much lower Class 6 safety rating. Bill O’Brien and his family can be found working hard at the Pier everyday. We love to mingle with our customers and swap a story or two! Our Crew are always happy to assist you in anyway to ensure you enjoy your time on the Aran Islands so be sure to stop in and say hello.

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