• Aran Islands
    Inis Oirr
  • Aran Islands
    Inis Mór
  • Aran Islands
    Inis Meain

The Aran Islands -Oileáin Árann- are a set of three islands floating in the waters of Galway Bay, County Galway. These islands are believed to have once been an extension of The Burren Region, County Clare.

The Islands are a part of particular regions in Ireland called The Gaeltacht (An Ghaeltacht) in which Irish (Gaelic) is the spoken language of the community at large. The Gaeltacht areas work to preserve the Irish Language and Culture providing us with a truly unique connection with Ireland’s rich past.

The Aran Islands (Oileáin Árann) have piqued the interest of many a character with their enchanting sights and sounds. From Musicians, Artists, Geologists and Botanists, to the Average Joe, few can escape The Aran Islands allure.

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